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Experimental Ebola Drug ZMapp Cures Lab Monkeys Of Disease

In a new study, a promising experimental treatment for Ebola managed to cure a group of infected macaque monkeys.
Why Is The U.S. Announcing New Sanctions For Iran?

The United States announced new sanctions on Iran, in an effort to convince the Iranian government to limit its nuclear program.
House candidate on the best softball player in Congress

Amanda Renteria is running for Congress in California. But as a former softball player and chief of staff to a sitting U.S. senator, we asked her who in Congress plays the best softball.
Rick Perry rails against President Obama on border crisis

Rick Perry spoke Friday at the Americans for Prosperity Defending the American Dream summit in Dallas, Tex., where he slammed President Obama over his handling of the ongoing crisis on the U.S.-Mexico border.
Humpback Whale Rescued by Iceland Coast Guard

The Icelandic Coast Guard rescued a humpback whale that had become caught in a net near Skagafjorder fjord in northern Iceland on Friday. Video footage shows the coast guard officers working to free the whale. Photo: Vimeo/Landhelgisgaeslan
Top 3 Strange Animal Stories Of The Week

Our favorite animal stories of the week highlight a blue lobster, a panda that might've faked a pregnancy and Hello Kitty, who isn't a cat after all.
Chelsea Clinton Is Leaving NBC, But Does She Plan To Return?

Chelsea Clinton says she's leaving behind her role as an NBC News correspondent to focus on motherhood and her work with the Clinton Foundation.
Deadliest Ebola Outbreak Ever Spreads to Senegal

A report of an ebola patient in Senegal is the latest worrying sign that the virus is spreading. What more can health experts do? Infectious disease expert Dr. Frank Esper discusses on the News Hub with Sara Murray.
Malaysia Airlines To Lay Off 6,000 In Company Overhaul

Friday Malaysia Airlines announced a company overhaul in which thousands will be laid off, routes will be cut and management will be changed.
Putin Urges Separatists To Let Ukrainian Soldiers Retreat

As NATO calls out Russia for arming separatists in Ukraine, Putin releases a statement asking separatists to let Ukraine's troops retreat.
Another Flight Grounded Over Legroom Argument

Yet another flight was grounded Wednesday after two passengers got into an argument about legroom. This is the second incident in a week.
Photos of the Week: Surfing Hurricane Waves, and More

In this week’s photos, hurricane waves affected surfing conditions, an earthquake hit Napa, Calif., people mourned at the funeral for Michael Brown, and more. Photo: Associated Press
Joan Rivers Hit With Nasty Internet Comments While Hospitalized

The WSJ's Lee Hawkins discusses the wave of comments targeting legendary comedienne Joan Rivers for her sometimes brutal sense of humor. Rivers, 81, is in critical condition at New York's Mount Sinai Hospital, after she stopped breathing Thursday during a doctor visit. She is now "resting comfortably," according to her daughter Melissa.
Scenes from an Ebola Epicenter in Liberia

The neighborhood of West Point, in Liberia's capital of Monrovia, is an Ebola epicenter. But few there are taking precautions against the disease, and the country's health system is too overwhelmed to handle the outbreak.
UK Raises Terror Threat Level To Severe, Cites ISIS

Although the British government says it has no evidence of an imminent attack, it has increased its terror threat level to "severe."
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