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Chris Christie is tired of all the minimum wage talk

The N.J. governor seems pretty ignorant about what many working class families actually go though.
Police response to shooting in Ottawa captured on social video

A soldier and a gunman were killed, and police scoured downtown Ottawa for possible additional shooters on Wednesday.
Two Dead in Canada Memorial Shooting

A soldier was shot dead at Canada's main war memorial and shots were fired inside the country’s Parliament building nearby. WSJ's Alistair MacDonald reports. Photo: Getty
RCMP Press Conference on Parliament Shooting

In this RCMP Press Conference, Ottawa officials said one soldier was killed in an armed attack at Canada’s main war memorial Wednesday. Photo: AP
Car Air Bag Recall List Expands, and More

What’s News: Feds add more cars to air bag recall list. Social Security benefits to rise 1.7%. Survey: online harassment is prevalent. Joanne Po reports.
How do you exit a party? Anchors admit to ghosting

If you're itching to exit a party, ghosting might just be your answer.
Ottawa Shooting: Officers Patrol Canadas Parliament

Raw video: Officers walk slowly through Canada’s Parliament Wednesday following a shooting at the Ottawa war memorial. The sound of a gunshot rings out, followed by the sounds of multiple shots as police started crouching and firing.
Michael Brown Autopsy Shows Close-Range Hand Wound

The official autopsy report on Michael Brown, the teenager shot on Aug. 9 by an officer in Ferguson, Mo., shows he had a close-range hand wound. WSJ's Ben Kesling reports. Photo: Getty
Ben Bradlee teaches Bob Woodward how to use The Washington Post iPad app

Former Washington Post editor Ben Bradlee reveals the wonders of The Post's iPad app to Watergate reporter Bob Woodward in this 2010 ad.
Johnson & Johnson to Work on Ebola Vaccine and More

What's News: Johnson & Johnson is planning to test an Ebola vaccine. Plus, Ben Bradlee, known for steering Washington Post’s Watergate coverage, dies. Lee Hawkins reports. Photo: Getty
Canadian Parliament Locked Down After Shooting

Police search for suspects as armed officers locked down Canada’s parliament building after a Canadian soldier standing guard was shot at the National War Memorial in Ottawa. AP
Canadian parliament on lockdown after shooting

Multiple suspects reportedly approached Canada's parliament building in Ottawa. A Canadian soldier was shot near a war memorial. Authorities say one gunman is now dead, and they are currently searching for at least one other suspect. NBC's Pete Williams reports.
Top Halloween YouTube videos, from treats to DIY decor

YouTube's Zayna Aston joins TODAY to talk about some of the most popular Halloween how-to videos online.
Crispy skin salmon: Aspiring chefs cook on TODAY

Romilly Newman and Alexander Weiss join TODAY with Teen Vogue magazine's Amy Astley to prepare some delicious dishes, including crispy skin salmon and baby kale salad. The young cooks are featured in the new Teen Vogue.
Protect yourself from repeat injuries

Family Circle magazine's Lynya Floyd and Dr. Natalie Azar join TODAY to explain how to know if an old injury is flaring up or if it's a new pain, and they share how to protect yourself from the resurgence of old injuries.
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